Terms & Conditions

1 - Occupancy of premises rented:

The tenant will fully enjoy the rented premises and the furniture. Reservations are made on a strictly personal basis. You may not under any circumstances sublet or assign your rights to this agreement without our consent. The rental is granted for a stay which will begin and end on the days and dates indicated above. The tenant, signatory of this contract, may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period. The rental concluded between the parties to this contract may in no case benefit third parties, except with the agreement of the owner. The tenant is required to report any interruption in the operation of the services. The tenant must ensure the peaceful character of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises.

2 - Number of tenants:

If the number of tenants exceeds the normal capacity of the accommodation (as defined in each accommodation) and without prior agreement, we reserve the right to terminate the contract or to receive an increase.

3 - Payment:

The reservation becomes effective once the tenant has sent us a deposit of 30% of the rental amount (this deposit must be sent within 3 working days following the pre-reservation, after this time the pre-reservation will be canceled. as of right) as well as a copy of this contract signed for acceptance. The balance of the rental will be payable no later than 5 days before arrival, corresponding to the start date of the stay. A deposit or security deposit corresponding to 50% of the stay (or one month's rent for any stay longer than one month) will be paid upon entering the premises. It will be reimbursed within 1 month, less the cost of the restoration of the premises, and the calculation of the charges remaining due for any stay exceeding one month if necessary.

4 - Obligation of the lessee:

The lessee will peacefully use the rented accommodation and the furniture and equipment according to the destination given to them by the lease and will be liable for any damage and loss that may occur during the term of the contract in the premises of which he has exclusive enjoyment. The lessee will maintain the rented accommodation and make it clean.
If the items in the inventory are broken or damaged, the lessor may claim their replacement value. In no case should they be replaced by the tenant.
He must avoid any noise likely to disturb neighbors, in particular those emitted by radio, television and other devices. The lessee may not exercise any recourse against the lessor in the event of theft and depredation in the rented premises.
He will respect the maximum number of people who can enter the premises in accordance with the description given to him. The lessee may not object to the visit of the premises if the lessor or his agent so request. If the accommodation is not returned in a perfect state of cleanliness, the lessee undertakes at his own expense the cleaning that the lessor will be forced to carry out according to the scale of 100 euros.
The dates of stay indicated must be respected: an arrival date later than the scheduled date or an early departure does not result in a reduction in the price to be paid. You will receive a booking confirmation which must be presented to reception on the day of arrival.

5 - Cancellation:

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or email. In case of early departure, for whatever reasons, the total amount of the stay will be due. If the cancellation occurs less than 4 weeks before the date of the stay, the full amount of the stay will be due. After this period, in the event of cancellation, interruption of stay, or postponed arrival and whatever the cause, illness, accident or unforeseen event, the sums paid will remain acquired and the tenant will be required to pay the balance of the reservation. If the tenant does not show up on the scheduled day, after 24 hours and without notice to the owner, this contract is considered terminated, the sums remain acquired and the owner can dispose of his accommodation. Any modification of the reservation file must be notified in writing. In the event of a no-show without any information from you, the accommodation will be handed over for rent to another client from the next day at 8:00 a.m.

6 - Price:

They are stated in Euros, displayed on pricing table ..

7 - Inventory:

On arrival and departure of the tenant, an inventory of the objects and equipment contained in the furnished apartment will be carried out jointly with the owner or his agent. All complaints concerning the inventory and the cleanliness of the furnished apartment must be made within 24 hours after handing over the keys. The rented property contains the furniture, crockery, bedding in accordance with the description of the furnished apartment. The tenant will be responsible for the items carried on the inventory and will be required to reimburse the price of damaged items. The tenant must report any deterioration or breakage occurring during his stay.

8 - Insurance:

For any stay longer than one month:
The tenant will be required to present a certificate of insurance against damage of any kind likely to engage his liability.
Tenants are required to insure themselves with an insurance company against the risks inherent in their occupation, namely: theft, loss or damage to their personal items, as well as the damage they could cause to the rental furniture. and also the damage which they could cause to the whole of the field of their fact or by possible negligence.
Customers will have to justify this on first request. It is specified that the effects, suitcases, objects, furniture, securities, vehicles of customers are not guaranteed against theft, loss or damage whatever the cause. The parties therefore agree that our company can never be worried about this and that it is up to the tenant to take out any insurance he deems useful.

9 - Arrivals and Departures times:

- Arrivals: Accommodation is available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., for arrivals from Monday to Saturday, Accommodation is available from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for Sunday arrivals.
- Departures: Accommodation must be returned between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the morning of the end of the rental period. To extend a stay beyond the agreed departure date, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the lessor. The tenant may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

10 - Cleaning service:

You must clean the accommodation before your departure. If cleaning on departure is necessary, a flat rate of € 100 will be charged to the security deposit.
11 – Complaints:
We cannot be held responsible for fortuitous cases of force majeure, climatic disasters or nuisances which would disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay. In the event of a problem in the rented accommodation, you must file a complaint on the spot with the manager.
Any complaint concerning the inventory, condition, cleaning of the rented gîte must be made on the day of arrival. After this period, no complaint will be taken into account and you will be held responsible, upon departure, for any damage or missing items.

12 - Internal regulations:

The tenant is required to respect the internal regulations of the Croix de la Jarrie as well as the regulations of the infrastructures made available.